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U-SPEAK FREE! by Donald Blount



To all my yugioh fans this is the site for you.Here you can find out about what you need to know about the game.I will explain the basic rules,cards,and secrets to win in duels.I've picked up a few nice moves of my own and I would like to share them with you.

Jinzo & Spell Canceller

This is a combo that worked for me plenty of times.You will need to get Jinzo on the field.There are many ways to get jinzo out, like discarding him to the graveyard and then getting him back with cards like monster reborn,call of the haunted,and etc.. Then all you have to do is get Spell Canceller out next. With these two cards on the field at the same time will put your foes in a bind. Jinzo stops all traps cards from activating and spell canceller will stop all spell cards from activating.Your foe won't be able to to use either one.Which only leaves them with monsters to use.If you can find a card that can stop monsters effects, you will pretty much win the duel if your monsters can back you up.Light and darkness dragon is the only card that I can find for this move.But if anyone knows another card please let me know!!!

This is for the people who like everything else.

I had got alot of complants about the stuff on this site. So I"ve decided to update it a little.

But I need your help to decide about what to put on my site. LEAVE what you think I should put on it.THANK YOU!!!!!

I"m from a small town in North Carolina. Where it is real hard to get a job.

 It seem like the harder you try the harder it gets.. This town is a place where you got to already have money or already have bussiness if you want to have anything here.

Junk Warrior

I have ran a sychron deck and it tuned out alright. I was using junk warriors and road warriors.It is a pretty good combo deck. But I had found a way to make them better. I will list them for you to see. The first is: level eater(at least 2 ), the calculater(2), spirit ryu, Quickdraw sychron( 3 ), quillbolt hedgehog(3), scapegoats, turrent warrior(2), mirror force, raigaki break(2), and spell striker(2). Put these cards together in the same deck. You will find that it is easier to sychro summon monsters faster. You can also add your own combos with it to make it work even faster. Go ahead and give it a try.

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