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Yugioh GX

Posted by Donald on June 2, 2011 at 5:05 PM

This is where I talk about the gx epsodes. Most people have not seen these epsodes, so I'll explain it to you. It ia all about a young boy named Jaden. He was an outgoing type of kid. His cards of choice is Elemental Heros. He had defeated almost everybody he came across at the academy. The academy was broken up to three diffirent levels of players. Red, yellow, and blue. The red shirts are the lowest rank students, the yellow shirts are the advance students, and the blue shirts are the best in the whole school. Jaden was a red shirt, but with the spirit of a blue shirt. He has defeated yellow and blue shirts before. He also had a chance to become a yellow shirt but turned it down. He had a best friend named Syrus who uses Roid monsters. As he progress through the season he became one of the best duelist in the school. He even beat a person called (Copycat) who is a master of copying people deck and using them better then the creater of the decks. One epsode Copycat had broke into the school's display room where they had an exact copy of Yugi Motto oridginal deck and took it for himself. Jaden also had went to the room to look at the mighty deck himself, and realized it had been stolen. Finding out who had stole the deck Syrus had called out copycat to an duel and lost. Jaden catches up with them to find Syrus beaten. Jaden then decided to challenge copycat for beating his friend and won.

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